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Praying Mantis™ Diffuse Reflectance Accessory

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Spectroscopy Elemental Isotope Analysis
Thermo Scientific™ Praying Mantis™ Diffuse Reflectance Accessory is ideal for the characterization of small quantities of solid materials or powders. Traditional diffuse reflectance accessories require large volumes of powders or solids approximately 0.5in. in diameter. The  Praying Mantis Accessory allows a diffuse reflectance measurement on samples as small as 3mm in diameter.

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Optional reaction chambers allow you to access temperatures from liquid nitrogen to 600°C and pressures from high vacuum to 500 psi. Run reaction gases through the system to study catalysts under reaction conditions.

High-Performance Design

  • Uses all-aluminum coated optics rather than traditional integrating spheres in its design
  • Integrating spheres limit the wavelength range in the ultraviolet region
  • All-specular optical system uses the full wavelength range of the instrument down to 190nm.
  • Can be used on the Evolution 300, which has an upper wavelength range of 1100nm, providing extended wavelength coverage in the NIR region without having to purchase a more expensive UV-Visible or NIR instrument

Flexible Sampling Options

  • The sample chamber can be purged with an inert gas such as dry nitrogen, which allows the characterization of samples that may be oxygen- or moisture-sensitive
  • Optional reaction chambers are also available for the study of samples at a wide variety of temperatures and pressures
  • Temperatures can be controlled from -150° to +600°C, and variable vacuum control is available

Convenient Analysis

  • Can be used with the sample compartment open for added convenience when mounting and removing samples
  • Also for mounting the low/high temperature reaction chamber for temperature studies

Compatible with:

For use with the Thermo Scientific Evolution™ 300 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer.


Manuals & protocols