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PROTOCOL™ Parasitology Ancillary Products, Trichrome Stain

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Clinical Microbiology

Standardize procedures for the routine collection, safe transportation, preservation and examination of stool specimens for intestinal parasites and enteric pathogens with Thermo Scientific™ PROTOCOL™ Parasitology Ancillary Products.
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Trichrome Stain:

  • Uses a rapid staining procedure to produce uniformly stained smears of intestinal protozoa, yeast and human cells
  • Provides excellent contrast, facilitating the detection of intestinal parasites while differentiating organisms from fecal debris and artifacts
  • Supplied in a 500mL bottle

Zinc Sulfite-Polyvinyl Alcohol (Zn-PVA) Bulk:

  • Mercury-free fixative for protozoan trophozoites in a 500mL bottle

Ethyl Acetate:

  • Supplied in a 225mL bottle


All PROTOCOL™ Parasitology products are mercury free.