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Pierce™ Quantitative Fluorometric Peptide Assay

Catalog number:  23290

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The Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Quantitative Fluorescent Peptide Assay is a sensitive, mix-and-read fluorescent microplate assay for the quantitative measurement of peptides and peptide mixtures.

Sensitive—accurately detect as little as 5.0 µg/mL of single peptides or peptide mixtures
Robust— assay performance rigorously tested using both peptides and peptide digest mixtures
Robust peptide digest standard—kit includes a validated peptide digest standard for improved reproducibility of quantitation
Compatible—works with many reagents, including those used in mass spectrometry sample preparation
Convenient—easy mix-and-read format and stable fluorescent signal that may be read in as little as 5 minutes up to several hours

The Pierce Quantitative Fluorescent Peptide Assay reagents include peptide assay buffer, fluorescent peptide labeling reagent, and a peptide digest assay standard for the quantitative measurement of peptide concentrations. In this assay, peptides are specifically labeled at the amino-terminus using an amine-reactive fluorescent reagent, and the fluorescently labeled peptides are detected using ex390/em475.

Because of the labeling mechanism of the fluorescent assay reagent, this assay is suitable for the quantitative measurement of synthetic peptides as well as peptide digest mixtures. A high quality peptide digest reference standard is included for use in generating linear standard curves and as a calibration control for improved accuracy and reproducibility. This sensitive assay requires only 10 µL of sample, produces a linear response with increasing peptide concentrations (5–1000 μg/mL), and results in a stable final fluorescence that can be detected in as little as five minutes.

• Recommended for use with peptide mixtures and synthetic peptides with an unblocked amino-terminus (amino-terminus-labeled peptides, such as TMT-labeled peptides, are not compatible with this assay)
• Normalizing sample concentrations for quantitative downstream applications
• Normalizing sample loading volumes for LC, MS, and LC/MS applications
• Measuring recovery after peptide clean-up procedures.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: Pierce™
Workflow Step: In-Process Testing
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Final Product Type: Peptide
For Use With (Equipment): Microplate Reader
Starting Material: Peptides, Protease-digested protein
Description: Quantitative Fluorometric Peptide Assay, 500 Assay, Fluorescent Detection Method, 2 to 8°C Storage, For Use With Equipment Microplate Reader, Recommended For Use With Peptide Mixtures and Synthetic
Quantity: 500 Assay(s)

Contents & storage

Fluorometric Peptide Assay Reagent, 4 x 2.5 mL
Fluorometric Peptide Assay Buffer, 50 mL
Peptide Digest Assay Standard, 1.5 mL

Store in refrigerator (2–8°C).