Thermo Scientific™

Nunc™ Replication System

Transfer small volumes of material from plate to plate or replicate full DNA libraries using the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Replication System. This replication system works with Nunc 96- and 384-Well Plates.
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Ideal for transferring small volumes of inoculum from plate to plate or membrane.
  • Pins transfer 1.0μL of liquid or 0.1μL to solid supports
  • Pins are flame-proof stainless steel; for sterilization
  • Thermo Scientific™ MicroWell™ copier alignment device simplifies conversion of 96 MicroWell plates to 384-well format
  • Flame-proof stainless steel pins on 384- and 96-pin replicator
  • For use with 96- and 384-Well Plate and OmniTray™
Warranty:  90 days
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