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HA Synthetic Peptide

Catalog number:  26184

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Lyophilized peptide with the sequence N-Tyr-Pro-Tyr-Asp-Val-Pro-Asp-Tyr-Ala-C. Molecular weight: 1102.2 g/mol

26184 can be used to competitively elute HA-tagged fusion proteins from immobilized anti-HA affinity resin. Use 4 X 1 column volumes of 1 mg/ml HA peptide solution to elute HA-tagged proteins. Elution yields will increase by incubating the peptide on the column for 10-15 minutes at 30-37ºC for each elution fraction.

Reconstitute to 1 mg/ml using TBS or distilled water.

The HA peptide, NH2-YPYDVPDYA-COOH, is a synthetic peptide used to competitively elute fusion proteins containing the influenza hemagglutinin (HA) tag bound to immobilized anti-HA affinity resins.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Size: 5 mg
Protein Form: Recombinant
Validated Application: Immunoprecipitation

Contents & storage

Store at 4°C.