Thermo Scientific™

Nunc™ 96-Well Filter Plates

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Microplates, Dishes and Flasks

Efficiently perform purification of high quality plasmid DNA or PCR products with the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 96 Deep Well Filter Plates. Made of chemical resistant polypropylene material with superior mechanical strength, these plates conform to standard 96 well footprint compatible with high throughput sample processing.
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Key Features:
  • Designed specifically for high throughput sample processing
  • Shared wall configuration gives reduced plate height, wider wells for faster pocessing, higher yields and less clogging
  • Suitable for vacuum, filtration, centrifugatioin or positive pressure techniques
  • Polyethylene terapthalate (PET) frit in the fritted plates (278010, 278011) has 20μm pore size
  • Glass Fiber plate (278010) has the PET frit plus two layers of glass fiber membrane for efficient binding of DNA
  • Customized bar coding is available
Warranty: 90 days
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