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Surfact-Amps™ Detergent Sampler

Catalog number:  28340

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Protein Purification & Isolation

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Thermo Scientific Surfact-Amps Detergent Sampler is a convenient collection of various Thermo Scientific Surfact-Amps Detergent Solutions and selected other useful detergents for protein research methods.

Features of Surfact-Amps Detergent Sampler are:
• Precise 10% detergent solutions in ultrapure water ampuled under nitrogen
• Easy to accurately dispense and dilute for use
• Exceptionally pure: less than 1.0µeq/mL peroxides and carbonyls
• Highly stable: packaged in glass ampules under inert nitrogen gas

The sampler kit is an economical way to test which detergent is most effective for a particular protein storage or experimental system. Thermo Scientific Surfact-Amps Purified Detergent Solutions are convenient 10% (w/v) solutions of commonly used detergents that provide unsurpassed purity, quality and stability for proteomics and molecular biology methods. Unlike neat detergent formulations, Surfact-Amps 10% Solutions are not so viscous that you can't aliquot them accurately. The detergent solutions are carefully prepared and packaged under nitrogen in glass ampules, ensuring their stability and eliminating the accumulation of peroxides and degradation products. Three of the ten detergents in the sampler kit are supplied as solids (100 mg each) rather than 10% solutions.

Detergents are a class of molecules whose unique properties enable manipulation (disruption or formation) of hydrophobic-hydrophilic interactions among molecules in biological samples. In biological research, detergents are used to lyse cells (release soluble proteins), solubilize membrane proteins and lipids, control protein crystallization, prevent nonspecific binding in affinity purification and immunoassay procedures, and as additives in electrophoresis. Generally, moderate concentrations of mild (i.e., nonionic) detergents compromise the integrity of cell membranes, thereby facilitating lysis of cells and extraction of soluble protein, often in native form. Using other conditions, detergents effectively penetrate between the membrane bilayers at concentrations sufficient to form mixed micelles with isolated phospholipids and membrane proteins.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Form: Liquid
Product Line: Surfact-Amps™
Reagent Type: Detergent Solution

Contents & storage

Store in original container protected from direct sunlight in a dry, cool and well-ventilated area, between the following temperatures: 20 to 25°C.