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Pierce™ Disposable Columns, 10 mL

Catalog number:  29924

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Protein Purification & Isolation

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Disposable Plastic Columns are empty columns with matching frits and caps for use in a variety of resin-based affinity or desalting techniques.

These bulk packages of empty columns are economical and convenient devices for packing affinity purification supports and desalting resins for gravity-flow procedures. Three columns sizes are offered, suitable for procedures requiring 0.5 to 10 mL resin-bed volumes. The plastic columns are supplied with matching pairs of polyethylene discs and polypropylene caps (top and bottom). The columns are economically-priced for single use and sufficiently durable to prepare and store columns for multiple uses.

Features of these disposable plastic columns:

• For benchtop gravity-flow affinity purification and size exclusion chromatography
• Supplied complete with porous polyethylene discs, stoppers and end caps
• Columns can be pre-packed and stored until needed
• Compatible with most types of aqueous buffer eluents commonly used in chromatography
• Plastic funnels can be attached to expand the buffer reservoir for increased flow rates

• Affinity purification/Affinity chromatography
• Immunodepletion
• Size-exclusion chromatography

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Column Type: Polyethylene Filter, Empty
Product Line: Pierce™
Format: Gravity Flow Column
Description: Disposable Columns, 10mL

Contents & storage

Store at room temperature.