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Si-Carb Sample Prep Kit

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Industrial & Applied Science

The Thermo Scientific™ Si-Carb Sample Prep Kit is useful for preparing intractable samples, such as coatings, paints and hard polymers for diffuse reflectance analysis.
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This kit involves minimal sample preparation—a small disk of silicon-carbide paper with adhesive backing is attached to a platen and then to a handle. Diamond paper disks are also available for extremely hard samples. The paper is used to abrade the surface of the sample, transferring a small amount of sample to the disk. The platen is then removed from the handle, placed in the appropriate receptacle in the diffuse reflectance accessory and a spectrum is obtained.
  • Easy and inexpensive method of acquiring intractable samples
  • Silicon carbide disks in two grit sizes to abrade most surfaces
  • Optional diamond paper disks for extremely hard samples
  • Handle for holding platen gives access to hard-to-reach spots
  • Adhesive backing secures disks to sampling platen


Two sampling platens, one handle, 100 pieces of 400 grit silicon carbide paper (13mm diameter), 100 pieces of 320 grit silicon carbide paper (13mm diameter)

Recommended for:

  • Hard polymers
  • Paints
  • Coatings