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NeutrAvidin Protein, HRP

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Thermo Scientific™ NeutrAvidin Protein-HRP is a specially-prepared form of avidin that decreases background in biotin-binding conjugated to peroxidase for substrate based detection.

Features include:
Near-neutral isoelectric point—pI = 6.3, more neutral than native avidin
Nearly devoid of glycosylation—decreased possibility of lectin binding compared to native avidin
No RYD recognition sequence—no known off-target binding domains like streptavidin
Affordable—significantly less expensive than streptavidin

NeutrAvidin Protein is deglycosylated native avidin from egg whites. Removal of the excess carbohydrate by an exclusive process yields a protein with a more neutral isoelectric point and less nonspecific binding properties. Purified and conjugated forms of NeutrAvidin Protein provide exceptional performance in western blot, ELISA, and IHC applications that require biotin-binding probes. Assay specificity, sensitivity, and signal-to-noise ratios with NeutrAvidin Protein are generally equivalent or better than with the significantly more expensive streptavidin.

Avidin is a glycoprotein found in the egg white and tissues of birds, reptiles, and amphibia. The biotin-binding protein contains four identical subunits having a combined mass of 67,000-68,000 daltons. Removing the glycosylation from avidin yields NeutrAvidin Protein with a mass of 60,000 daltons. Carbohydrate-based lectin binding is reduced to undetectable levels, yet biotin-binding affinity is retained. NeutrAvidin Protein offers the advantages of a neutral pI to minimize nonspecific adsorption, along with lysine residues that remain available for derivatization or other customized conjugation. NeutrAvidin Protein yields the lowest nonspecific binding among the known biotin-binding proteins. The specific activity for biotin binding is approximately 14µg/mg of protein, which is near the theoretical maximum activity.

Recommended applications: ELISA (assay dependent), immunohistochemistry (assay dependent), in situ hybridization (ISH) (assay dependent), western blot (assay dependent)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Label or Dye: HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase)
Target Molecule: Biotin

Contents & storage

Upon receipt store product 4°C. Product is shipped at ambient temperature.