Thermo Scientific™

Forma™ 310 Direct Heat CO2 Incubator, 184 L, Polished Stainless Steel

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CO2 Incubators

Preserve floor space with stackable Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ 310 Direct-Heat CO2 Incubators, which combine high capacity and an easy-to-use design.
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Key Features
  • The high-capacity chamber provides maximum culturing space and the ideal environment for basic cell culture incubation
  • The flexible Direct Heat Incubator can be configured with either TC (thermal conductivity) or IR (infrared) CO2 gas sensors as well as a variety of useful process and contamination control options to meet your specific requirements.

Thermo Scientific™ Enviro-Scan™ Microprocessor Control

  • Flexible, intuitive controls ensuring ease of use
  • Set temperature, overtemperature, CO2
  • Calibrate temperature, CO2, optional RH
  • Configure audible on/off, access code, remote alarm contacts, tracking low temp and high and low CO2 alarms, and optional automatic tank selector, RS-485 interface and display temp/RH (selectable)
  • Audible/visual alarm and alarm silence
  • Standard remote alarm contacts (NO, NC, COM)
  • Optional built-in gas guard system
  • Optional RS-485, 0-1V, 0-5V and 4-20mA data outputs permit connection to an alarm/monitoring system

Contamination Control Options

  • Exclusive, in-chamber HEPA Filter Airflow System continuously filters the entire chamber volume of air every 60 sec.
  • HEPA2™ VOC filtration removes volatile organic vapors
  • Solid copper components effectively prevent bacterial and fungal growth


  • Sturdy stainless-steel shelves and supports can be removed without tools for easy cleaning or adjustment
  • Polished stainless-steel interior with coved corners is easy to clean
  • Microbiological filters on gas inlet and sample ports are readily accessible for simplified routine replacement
  • Inner door gasket is removable and cleanable; adjusts continually to ensure a tight seal