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Pierce™ Alkaline Phosphatase

Catalog number:  31391

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Protein Labeling & Crosslinking

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This purified calf intestinal alkaline phosphatase (CIP) is supplied in Tris buffer and 50% glycerol for use in protein research methods. The main applications for alkaline phosphatase in molecular biology and protein research are to remove 5'-phosphate groups from DNA or as a reporter system for immunoassays such as ELISA. For these latter methods, the enzyme is usually conjugated to specific primary or secondary antibodies and its activity is detected with a color-forming (or light-generating) substrate.

Features of Alkaline Phosphatase:

Purified form—ready to dilute and conjugate without prior dialysis
Concentrated—approximately 20 mg/mL (lot-specific value reported)
High specific activity—typically greater than 1600 units/mg (lot-specific value reported)
Tris buffered solution—supplied in 5 mM Tris, 5 mM magnesium chloride and 0.1 mM zinc chloride,
pH ~7.0 in 50% glycerol

One unit equals the amount of protein required to hydrolyze one micromole of p-nitrophenyl phosphate (PNPP) per minute at 25°C in a glycine buffer, pH 9.6.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Label or Dye: AP (Alkaline Phosphatase)
Product Line: Pierce™

Contents & storage

Store at 2–8°C.