Fibronectin Human Protein, Plasma

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Fibronectin is a large, cell surface and plasma protein that exhibits structural and adhesive properties in cell-associated fibrillar matrices. Fibronectin is one of the primary cell adhesion molecules. Human Plasma Fibronectin is isolated from human plasma by affinity chromtography. Fibronectin has a molecular weight of 440,000 and is made up of two 220,000 dalton polypeptides. Human Fibronectin is filtered (0,2UI) and supplied lyophilized.

Performance and Quality Testing
The purity is determined by SDS-PAGE. Bovine and human fibronectins are assayed for their ability to support cell attachment and spreading, and screened to confirm absence of mycoplasma or bacterial contamination.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Protein Subtype: Fibronectin
Research Category: Extracellular Matrix & Cell Adhesion, Stem Cell Research
Species: Human
Validated Application: Cell Culture
Gene Alias: Fibronectin Human, Plasma

Contents & storage

Store in refrigerator (2–8°C).