Thermo Scientific™

Fluoro-Max Green Particulate Marker Particles

Effectively mark the “risk zone” in evaluating regional ischemia with Thermo Scientific™ Fluoro-Max Green Particulate Marker Particles, brilliant yellow-green particles that lodge in the capillaries.  Easily seen under fluorescent illumination, these particles are made of polymer containing a fluorescent dye that excites efficiently with a handheld UV lamp (i.e., Wood's Lamp). They are spherical, 1-10μm in diameter, and have a density of 1.05g/cm3, which makes them easy to suspend in an aqueous medium.
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Various dyes and particulate markers have been used to mark the “risk zone” in evaluating regional ischemia. These include Evans Blue, India Ink and Fluorescein. However, these dyes tend to rapidly migrate throughout the tissue making the risk zone difficult to identify.

Fluorescent particulate markers are effective because they lodge in the capillaries and are easily viewed under fluorescent illumination. The particles are heavily loaded with dye, resulting in a very strong fluorescence that can easily be seen. They are invisible under white light, allowing the non-risk tissue to be examined for infarction. Since the dye is embedded in the interior of the particles, it does not leach out or cause indiscriminate staining.

Recommended for:

Myocardial infarction studies and other biological research. Not to be used for instrument calibration.