Thermo Scientific™

I-Chem™ Wide-Mouth Amber Glass Packer with Closure

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Industrial & Applied Science

Designed for collecting soil, sludge, waste and water samples for a variety of organic and inorganic target analytes where light protection is required. Thermo Scientific™ Wide-Mouth Amber Glass Packers are available Certified to meet EPA performance-based specifications for semi-volatile organics, pesticides, PCBs and metals anlyses, Processed the same way as the certified jars but without certification documentation, or Unprocessed and ready for your own cleaning procedure.

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  • Amber Type III soda-lime glass jar; recommended for light sensitive samples
  • PTFE-lined white polypropylene closed top cap
  • Sizes range from 60 to 2500mL
  • Closures assembled on bottles

Certified jars come with the following features:

  • Certified to meet or exceed EPA performance-based standards for semi-volatile organics, pesticides, PCBs and metals analyses
  • Certificate of Analysis (CofA) included in the case and barcoded with lot number for traceability
  • Each jar individually barcoded with lot number and unique container number
  • Analysis labels included unattached for optional use
  • Carton sealed with security tape providing tamper evidence
  • Chipboard divider packaging to cushion and help prevent breakage; overpack required for shipping

Processed jars are processed in the same manner as certified jars and come with all the features of certified jars, but jars are not barcoded, and CofA is not included.

Unprocessed jars are ready for your own in-house cleaning and certification process. Boxed with chipboard dividers to help prevent breakage; overpack required for shipping.