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Screw Cap Micro Tubes

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Tubes and Vials

Thermo Scientific™ Screw Cap Micro Tubes robust design and material selection are well suited for work with biologics and offer rich features, including ultra-clear externally threaded tubes and UV protective amber tubes. Options are available with or without a self-standing skirted bottom, non-knurl and knurled tubes for single hand operation, in 0.5mL, 1.5mL and 2.0mL sizes, and the option of multicolored caps, with or without tethered straps. Screw Cap Micro Tube Caps offer a durable design incorporating an O-ring that helps prevent leaks under demanding conditions.

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Non-Sterile is free of Rnase/Dnase, DNA, Pyrogen & Endotoxin.
Sterile E-Beam is free of Rnase/Dnase, DNA, Pyrogen, Endotoxin, ATP, PCR Inhibitor.
Packaging is tailored to meet broad requirements. Tubes are packaged with and without caps, caps are attached or unattached, placed in a single bag and double bagged feature for clean room environments is available upon request.
100% virgin polypropylene resin specifically selected for high clarity and biologic applications
O-ring design, thickness and material selection have been optimized to provide protective features for maximum sealing ability, biologic interaction and temperature capability. The black colored O-ring is made from EPDM.
Automated System Compatible. Whether automate is used for filling, capping or labeling the product is designed to withstand high torque pressures associated with automation. Product design helps to address common automated issues like: Fissure cracks, bowl feeder jam, over/under torqued caps and cross threading.
Volume range of 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0mL.
Tube Color choices are an ultra-high clarity Natural color or the Amber option which provides ultra violet (UV) protection of 1.22% transmittance between 220 and 500nm.
Standard or Tethered cap, all available in a rainbow of colors. Visit cap product page for additional information.
Knurl tubes feature the ability to lock tube into specialty racks for single had operation.
Non knurl tubes ideal for automation and labeling, tubes are plain, removed of any labeling interference.
Skirted or Self Standing tubes can stand upright on their own, no rack required.
Conical tubes requires a rack to support them in the upright position.
Low nucleic acid and protein binding and low enzyme inhibition are features that  Resin selection features.
RCF range from 18,000 to 25,000 x g.
Temperature Range -80°C to +95°C. Short term storage in -80°C, -20°C, dry ice and wet ice. Short term storage in vapor phase LN2. Suitable for a quick dip flash freeze in LN2.
Water Bath compatible up to +95°C.

† Subject to Thermo Fisher Scientific standard limited warranty. See or your sales representative for details.
Screw cap micro tubes and caps are not recommended for autoclave. Sterile options available.
Not intended to submerge and store in liquid phase LN2.