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Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Low Volume ScrewTop Storage Tubes

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Tubes and Vials

Maximize storage capacity with the space-saving Thermo Scientific™ Matrix 2D Barcoded Low Volume ScrewTop Storage Tubes, now available in a barcoded rack.
These 200μL 2D Internally-threaded tubes maximize capacity in manual or automated storage systems. They can be used for storage in virtually any laboratory condition, from room temperature through the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, while permanent 2D barcodes enable safe, secure tracking of valuable small-volume samples. Compatible with the complete line of Thermo Scientific 2D barcode readers, sample data can be integrated into existing database or tracking systems.
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Space Saving Design

  • Total height of less than 23mm—manual or automated storage capacity can be as much as doubled compared to higher volume tube options
  • Maximizing storage capacity allows improved utility of laboratory space and energy consumption

Innovative Cap Design

  • 200μl 2D internally-threaded universal cap features single-piece construction with molded-in-gasket that cannot be over-tightened manually or with automated capping tools
  • Thermoplastic elastomer gasket material is compatible for storage at room temperature down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen

Secure Tracking

  • Permanently-bonded, unique 2D barcode is laser-etched onto the base of every Thermo Scientific Matrix 2D Barcoded Screw Top Storage Tube for secure identification and sample tracking
  • A Thermo Scientific 2D barcode reader instantly decodes each tube's 2D barcode scanning the tube into any application or database, or integrates via several export options
  • New barcoded rack allows tracking of the rack in addition to tubes
  • Laser-etched barcodes and human readable text on three sizes of rack, plus 2D code on rack bottom
  • Once sample data is stored, just scan the tube to access sample information and identify the contents

Stringent Quality Control

  • Every 2D barcoded storage tube is scanned to ensure readability
  • All barcodes are checked against our database of previously assigned codes to prevent duplicates
  • Every tube is leak tested to ensure sample integrity and security

Knowledgeable Support

  • Our team has a strong reputation for supporting both equipment and consumables
  • Consult with us for recommendations to optimize sample storage processes
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –
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