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HAAKE™ RotoVisco™ 1 Rotational Rheometer

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Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE RotoVisco 1 is a classical rotational rheometer. The correct geometry of the sample to be characterized is essential for performing a reliable rheological measurement. For this reason, the HAAKE RotoVisco 1 is equipped with an automatic lift which guarantees a reproducible and highly accurate positioning of the measuring geometries.

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The HAAKE RotoVisco 1 uses a state-of-the-art drag-cup motor to satisfy the requirements of research applications. The instrument is modular regarding temperature control systems, ranging from liquid temperature controlled cylinder systems to Peltier temperature controlled parallel or cone and plate systems. The HAAKE RotoVisco 1 combines outstanding design and modern industrial manufacturing. Its frame is made from polymer concrete, a compound which guarantees high mechanical stiffness, high vibration damping, fast temperature equilibration and good resistance against solvents.

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