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Matrix™ 2D Barcoded 12mL Screw-top Storage Tubes

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Tubes and Vials

Enable safe, secure tracking of your precious samples with Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ 2D Barcoded 12mL Screw-top Storage Tubes, the perfect solution for large-volume storage, including clinical samples, powders, tissue and plant materials. Our team has a strong reputation for supporting both equipment and consumables and can demonstrate simple ways to improve efficiency and track samples in your laboratory using our entire range of Thermo Scientific 2D barcoded storage tubes and barcode readers.
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Secure Tracking:
  • Laser-etched 2D barcode on the bottom of each tube allows you to scan and decode tubes at once without removing them from the rack. It also allows data to be associated with each tube.
  • Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ Lite or VisionMate Wireless can be used to read single tubes, or the VisionMate HighSpeed can be used to decode an entire rack of tubes instantly.
  • Tube can be scanned into a database or tracking system or integrate via ActiveX technology.

Superior Storage Format:

  • Supplied in microplate footprint rack to store more samples in less freezer space
  • Compatibile with Matrix Electronic EXP Pipettes
  • Locking rack lid for secure storage of samples
  • Rack base and tube design to prevent the tube from spinning in the rack when decapping
  • Solid, one-piece construction that enables storage down to cryogenic temperatures

Stringent Quality Control:

  • Every 2D barcode is scanned for readability and checked against a full database of all previous 2D barcodes to ensure there are zero duplicates across the entire Thermo Scientific Matrix line of storage tubes.
  • Each tube is 100% leak tested to ensure tube integrity and sample security.
  • Built-in error correction ensures that barcodes will never be misread.
Warranty: 90 days
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