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Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Glass Storage Tubes, Matrix 1.0 mL, 2D barcoded, glass, 5 Latch Racks of 96 tubes/case

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Tubes and Vials
Store and track robust sample volumes with Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Glass Storage Tubes. The proprietary barcoding process produces a permanent, high contrast 2D barcode, offering maximum traceability of compound, biological and genomic samples. Available with a range of sealing options and used with Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ and labeling systems, these barcoded storage tubes can improve a range of sample management needs and workflows.

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Secure Tracking
  • A permanently-bonded,unique 2D barcode is laser-etched onto the base of every Matrix 2D barcoded storage tube to securely identify and track samples
  • Corresponding with a laboratory's throughput needs, VisionMate 2D barcode readers instantly decode each tube's 2D barcode
  • A range of VisionMate 2D barcode readers are available to meet your application and throughput needs
  • Scan the tube into any application or database, or integrate via various methods—the choice is yours
  • VisionMate systems are flexible enough to allow 2D barcode data to be integrated into various applications, databases, and automated systems
  • Once sample data is stored, just scan the tube using the database
  • Find feature to instantly access sample information and identify the contents of each storage tube

Superior Storage Rack Design

  • Unlike traditional storage tubes or blocks, Matrix 96-format 2D barcoded storage tubes are available in a proprietary specially-designed, stackable, microplate footprint
  • Latch Racks to save precious space in your freezer, refrigerator, compound store or on the bench top
  • The latch rack design enables manual multichannel pipette access to 2D tubes and eliminates contamination risk with lid design that does not contact the benchtop
  • The latch rack lid can be lifted robotically for 2D tube access with automated liquid handling systems and high throughput applications

Stringent Quality Control

  • Every 2D barcoded storage tube is scanned to guarantee readability and each code is checked against a full database of all previously assigned 2D codes to ensure zero duplicates across the entire line of Matrix 2D barcoded storage tubes
  • Every storage tube is leak tested to ensure the integrity and security of samples

Storage Tracking Solutions for Any Laboratory

  • Glass tubes can be used for storing samples in DMSO, chlorinated solvents and other harsh chemicals and applications where newly synthesized compounds that need to be dried down or lyophylized
  • Custom 2D coding options are available to meet your laboratory's individual database or tracking requirements
  • 2D storage tubes are compatible with Thermo Scientific freezer racks that allow optimal utilization of storage space

Recommended for:

  • Individual sample retrieval
  • Instant sample identification
  • Secure identification and shipping of archived samples
  • Storage of samples
  • Tracking of samples


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