Thermo Scientific™

Capit-All™ Screw Cap Tube Capper/Decapper

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Lab Equipment

Maintain sample integrity with a hands-free method of capping and decapping tubes quickly and easily with the Thermo Scientific™ Capit-All™ Screw Cap Tube Capper/Decapper. Designed for benchtop or integrated use, Capit-All instruments cap and decap 24-, 48-, and 96- format Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ and Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ ScrewTop tubes with precision and ease. All instruments cap tubes to optimal torque.

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Enhanced Productivity

  • Increase throughput by capping and decapping an entire rack at a time in approximately 10 seconds
  • Automatically remove and replace caps on tubes of differing heights, even in the same rack, as well as tubes not properly seated in racks
  • Completely replace manual capping and decapping methods

Superior Sample Protection

  • Caps all tubes in a rack to the optimal torque level, maintaining sample integrity and preventing sample loss during storage
  • Safety features ensure racks are loaded in the correct orientation and that caps are not cross-threaded or overtightened
  • Drip tray prevents cross contamination of samples during addition and removal of tube racks
  • Internal construction ensures debris is not introduced into uncapped tubes

Ease of Use

  • The simple, four-button user interface enables laboratory personnel of any level to operate the instrument
  • Easily integrated into automated systems
  • Easily maintained and able to process up to a million tubes before requiring preventative maintenance