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Thermo Scientific™

SampleSeal™ Heat Sealer

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Seal and individualize 96- and 384-format 2D-barcoded storage tubes in a single process using the Thermo Scientific™ SampleSeal™ Heat Sealer. The foil-sealed tubes can be reliably stored at temperatures from -196° to +25°C, and easily pierced with manual or automated pipette tips, supporting compatibility across standalone or integrated storage applications. The SampleSeal creates single access samples which eliminate thaw and re-freeze cycles that may negatively impact sample integrity.

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Quick and reliable sealing for your precious samples:

  • Entire rack of 96- or 384-format tubes is sealed and individualized in less than one minute.
  • Application of the foil seal requires minimal heat for effective sealing.
  • Tubes and rack are validated for storage down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.

Compatible with manual or automated processes:

  • Seal leaves a clean edge around each individual tube, ensuring compatibility with downstream automated storage equipment.
  • No tabs or foil seal overhang is left behind to interfere with picking or robotic handling.
  • Racks of tubes can be easily loaded and retrieved manually or robotically.
  • Touch-screen graphical user interface allows users to select labware, identify sealing parameters and get started quickly and easily.

Optimize storage efficiency:

  • Maximize storage capacity with higher-density 384 storage tube format
  • Optimize storage space with the low profile of an applied seal compared to screw caps or septa-style seals
  • Store the sealed tubes in the same freezer racking you would use for standard microplates

System approach:

  • Unit is designed and validated as a system
  • Components work together optimally out of the box, requiring minimal set up time and yielding maximum storage integrity.
  • Optional VisionMate 2D Barcode Readers and VisionTracker Software log and track individual samples for a complete sample storage solution.


1 year


Quick and reliable sealing for your precious samples

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Performance test data

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Manuals & protocols