RadEye™ SPRD Personal Radiation Detector

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Radiation Detection Measurement

Respond quickly and decisively to real radiation threats with the new standard in detection and interdiction of illicit radiation. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ SPRD Personal Radiation Detector is a handheld radiation monitor that offers a unique combination of detector sensitivity and  intelligent alarming to help ensure detection in the most challenging cases while eliminating nuisance alarms. Additionally, the RadEye SPRD radiation detector identifies the category or specific type of radiation, and can be configured for your operation or user skills.
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  • Faster detection of radiation at greater distances without increasing false alarms
  • Faster distinction between potential threats to public safety and non-threat sources (medical or natural)
  • Simplified ID capability for novice to advanced users 
  • Multiple modes of operation, easily configured to best align with existing radiation detection operating procedures
  • Advanced NBR identifies artificial radiation while minimizing false alarms
  • S-Alarm applies extra sensitivity from 90keV to 450keV for effective detection of  SNM materials