Thermo Scientific™

Matrix™ Blank and Alphanumeric Storage Tubes

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Cell Culture Plastics

Store valuable samples where 2D tracking is not required with high-density Thermo Scientific™ Matrix Blank and Alphanumeric Storage Tubes, offered in manual and automation-friendly racks. Visual identification of samples can be made using the alphanumeric code on the bottom of each tube, and the tubes are compatible with the full line of seals and capping equipment. Ideal for scaling up from microplate or DeepWell™ block sample storage.

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Highest Quality

  • Matrix storage tubes are manufactured from medical grade virgin polypropylene
  • Tubes are 100% leak tested to ensure sample integrity and security
  • Tubes are validated to be free of DNAse, RNAse, endotoxins and cytotoxins

Superior Storage Rack Design

  • Unlike traditional storage tubes or blocks, Thermo Scientific Matrix blank and alphanumeric storage tubes are available in our specially designed, stackable, microplate-footprint Latch Racks of 96 tubes for individual sample, access and removal
  • The Latch Rack design enables multichannel pipette access and eliminates contamination risk with a lid that never touches the bench top when open
  • The Latch Rack is also compatible with automated liquid handling, as the lid can be lifted robotically for high-throughput applications

Clear Designations

  • Matrix alphanumeric storage tubes are clearly marked with high contrast printing on the base of each tube, designating their appropriate well location within a rack, for easy identification
  • Enhance ease of visual identification with colored SepraSeal capping options or labelling on the side of the tube using the ID Scribe instrument

Capping Options

  • Several sealing options are available, including the Thermo Scientific Matrix line of CapMats and CapStrips for sealing multiple tubes and the Thermo Scientific Matrix SepraSeal and DuraSeal capping systems for individual tube sealing, access and piercing
  • Applied with the Thermo Scientific SuperSealer, sealing is secure and consistent every time

Compatible with:

Capping systems, SepraSeals, Duraseals, SuperSealer, ID Scribe

Recommended for:

Individual sample retrieval; Shipping samples; Storage of DNA, compounds, or any other samples

Warranty: 90 days