Thermo Scientific™

FHZ 691-10 Dose Rate Detector

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Radiation Detection Measurement

Detect even the smallest amounts of artificial radioactivity with a high sensitivity scintillation detector. The Thermo Scientific™ FHZ 691-10 probe is specially suited to detect dose rate increases as small as 3 percent at normal background within a measuring time of one minute. Using the Natural Background Rejection (NBR) algorithm, this low dose rate detector easily differentiates between artificial parts of radiation and fluctuations in the natural dose rate (e.g. caused by precipitation) in the surrounding environment.
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The FHZ 691-10 intelligent probe is used for H*(10) ambient equivalent dose rate measurements over a dynamic range of 9 decades. 

  • High measuring accuracy, 3% at 100 nSv/h in 1 min.
  • ADF filter for filtering statistical fluctuations and fast reaction to changes. 
  • PTB type approval for calibration in combination with the display unit FHT 6020P. 
  • RS-485 interface. 
  • Transfer protocol with very short reaction times for monitoring networks. 
  • Extended self checks for probe functions.
  • Surge protection for all inputs and outputs.