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TaqMan™ Exogenous Internal Positive Control Reagents This product, and/or its packaging, incorporates one or more environmental/green features. Click on this icon to learn more.

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Applied Biosystems® TaqMan® Exogenous Internal Positive Control Reagents contain a pre-optimized internal positive control (IPC) with pre-designed primers and TaqMan® probe. The IPC can be spiked into samples to distinguish true target negatives from PCR inhibition. This TaqMan® Exogenous Internal Positive Control Reagents kit allows you to amplify a low-copy target DNA in the same tube with the IPC. Although the target and IPC DNAs may differ in initial copy number, the concentration of the IPC primers in the PCR reaction is limiting so that the amplification efficiency of the target reaction is not compromised.

• Pre-designed primers and TaqMan® probe eliminate assay design

• Rapid assay development guidelines can minimize optimization time

• Separate components provide flexibility in assay set-up

Note: This is not a quantitative kit and should not be used for normalization. Instead, this kit is designed to distinguish types of negative results: a negative call for the target sequence and a positive call for the IPC indicate that no target sequence is present, and a negative call for the target sequence and negative call for the IPC suggest PCR inhibition.

Comprehensive Guidelines Included
Applied Biosystems® has developed a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure success when using Applied Biosystems® Real-Time PCR reagents and instrumentation. These guidelines are simple and easy to follow. Many traditional variables, such as magnesium chloride concentration and the thermal cycling protocol itself, have been standardized, greatly reducing assay development time.

Normalization Built-In
All Applied Biosystems® Real-Time PCR reagent kits contain a passive internal reference to normalize non-PCR related fluorescence fluctuations. Normalizing with a passive internal reference minimizes well-to-well variability that can result from a variety of causes, such as pipetting errors and sample evaporation. The passive reference is also essential for accurate results when multiple probes (with different reporter dyes) are combined in a single tube.

Note: See user's manual or package insert for limited label license, and trademark information. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Format: Tube(s)
Includes: Control Primer-Probe Set(s) & Template(s)
Internal Probe Modification: TAMRA™ Quencher (3'), VIC® (5')
Label or Dye: VIC
Product Line: TaqMan™
Product Size: 200 reactions
Green Features: Sustainable packaging
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice

Contents & storage

• 1 ml 10X Exo IPC Mix
• 120 µl 10X Exo IPC Block
• 200 µl 50X Exo IPC DNA

Store at -20°C to -25°C. Reagents may be stored at 2–4°C if they are to be consumed within one month.


Manuals & protocols