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3130xl/3100 Genetic Analyzer 16-Capillary Array, 36 cm

Catalog number:  4315931

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Sanger Sequencing

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This is a 36 cm 16-capillary array (internally uncoated) for the 3130xl and 3100 Genetic Analyzer. Use for fragment analysis and rapid sequencing applications. Capillary dimensions are 47 cm x 50 µm i.d. Usage per array is 100 runs (with use of Applied Biosystems reagents).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): 3100 Genetic Analyzer, 3130xl Genetic Analyzer
Description: 16-Capillary Array, 36cm Capillary Length, 47cm x 50μm I.D. Capillary, 60 min. Run Time, Use for Short Fragment Analysis, Room Temperature, For Use With 3130xl/3100 Genetic Analyzer
Capillary Length: 36 cm
Number of Capillaries: 16 Capillaries
Recommended Applications: Sequencing, Fragment Analysis
Run Time: 60 min
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

Store the array at ambient temperature. For details about storing the capillary array on and off the instrument, please refer to your genetic analyser's maintenance, troubleshooting and reference guide.

We guarantee the performance of the 3130 Capillary arrays up to 100 runs and within 1 year of purchase.