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MicroAmp™ Optical 8-Cap Strips

Catalog number:  4323032

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Real Time PCR (qPCR)

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MicroAmp® Optical Cap Strips are designed to fit on MicroAmp® tube strips and 96-well plates. They have a flat-top profile and are suitable for real-time PCR. For end-point PCR applications, please see our MicroAmp® Cap Strips (e.g., cat. no. N8010535), which have a domed-top profile.


• Will not interfere with sample reading
• Provides tight seal to minimize evaporation
• Easy to apply and remove

Minimize Evaporation
Use MicroAmp® Caps Strips to seal the tubes containing your precious samples. This will reduce the possibility of contamination among sample wells and help ensure reliable results.

Easy to Use
Use the MicroAmp® Cap Installing Tool to push the caps down and form a tight seal. When ready, just peel away the caps using the tabs at the end.

The Optical caps have been redesigned with improved features. The new design has an improved sealing geometry while still featuring excellent optical clarity and low fluorescent background.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


No. of Wells: 48/96
Reaction Speed: Fast
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Closure Type: 8-Strip Cap
Type: Optical 8-Tube Strip
Color: Optical
Volume (Metric): 0.2 mL
For Use With (Equipment): 7000 System, 7300 System, 7500 Fast System, 7500 System, GeneAmp 9700, QuantStudio™, SimpliAmp™ Thermal Cycler, StepOnePlus™, Veriti Dx Thermal Cycler, Veriti Fast Thermal Cycler, Veriti Thermal Cycler, ViiA™ 7 Dx System, ViiA™ 7 System, ViiA™ 7 Fast System, ViiA™ 7 Dx Fast System, ProFlex™ PCR System, QuantStudio™ Dx, 7500 Fast Dx System, 2720 Thermal Cycler
Product Line: MicroAmp™ 

Contents & storage

Strip of 8 attached caps for use with 0.2 mL individual tubes, strip tubes (0.1 or 0.2 mL), or 48- or 96-well plates.