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Applied Biosystems™

TaqMan™ Array Human Protein Kinase Panel

Catalog number: 4367784
Applied Biosystems™

TaqMan™ Array Human Protein Kinase Panel

Catalog number: 4367784
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The Applied Biosystems® TaqMan® Human Protein Kinase Array is an efficient, easy-to-use micro fluidic card for quantitative gene expression analysis of human protein kinase genes important in drug discovery. This product is designed with TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays arrayed in singletons in 384 wells and is compatible with an upgraded Applied Biosystems 7900HT Fast Real-Time PCR System.

The Human Protein Kinase Array contains assays for 68 human kinases. Fifty-three of the 68 kinases are from receptor protein-tyrosine kinase (RPTK) families: EGFR, InsulinR, PDGFR, VEGFR, FGFR, CCK, NGFR, HGFR, EPHR, AXL, TIE, RYK, DDR, RET, ROS, LTK, ROR and MUSK. The remaining 15 kinases are Ser⁄Thr kinases from the kinase families: CAMKL, IRAK, Lmr, RIPK and STKR. We have also selected assays for 26 classic endogenous, non-kinase genes. These genes are involved in signal transduction and mediate protein-protein interaction, transcriptional regulation, neural development and cell adhesion. This product is sold in packages of 4 cards.

The array is pre-formatted and inventoried, cost-effective, convenient and easy to use without needing expensive robotics. Results are reproducible and consistent across samples, studies, and labs —the same data quality from card-to-card and lot-to-lot — even with different operators.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Application)
Real Time PCR (qPCR)
Internal Probe Modification
MGB (Minor Groove Binder) (3in), Non-Fluorescent Quencher (3in), FAM (5in)
Label or Dye
Product Line
Research Category
Cell Cycle & Proliferation, Apoptosis, Neurobiology, Signal Transduction, Oncology, Biomarker-Related Pathway(s), Extracellular Matrix & Cell Adhesion, Reproduction, Toxicology & Drug Metabolism, Immunology, Development
Target Gene
68 human kinases
Dried Down
384-well microfluidic card
No. of Reactions
1 x 2 μL Reactions
Reaction Speed

Contents & Storage

Each TaqMan™ Array well contains a single TaqMan™ Assay for one 2 µL reaction. The cards should be stored at 4°C.


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