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The Ambion® TaqMan® Cells-to-CT Control Kit is designed for use with the TaqMan® Gene Expression Cells-to-CT Kit. The Control Kit includes XenoRNA™ Control, a synthetic RNA transcript with a unique sequence that lacks homology to current annotated biological sequences, making it an ideal control for any experiment. The Control Kit also includes a TaqMan® Gene Expression Assay for the XenoRNA™ Control target, and a TaqMan® Gene Expression Assay for the highly expressed endogenous control gene β-actin.

Features of the The Ambion® TaqMan® Cells-to-CT Control Kit:
• Confirms sufficient cell input
• Monitors the presence of RT or real-time PCR inhibitors
• Controls for sample normalization

Monitor Inhibition and Confirm Sufficient Cell Input
The TaqMan® Cells-to-CT™ Control Kit is used to assess inhibition and cell input in Cells-to-CT reactions. For example, the XenoRNA™ Control confirms that samples can support RT-PCR and is an indicator of reaction inhibitors. By adding the XenoRNA™ Control to the Stop Solution during the last step of the cell lysis procedure, each sample is provided with a constant amount of control target and subsequently amplified by the XenoRNA™ TaqMan® Gene Expression Assay.

Amplification with the β-actin Gene Expression Assay functions as an endogenous control for normalization, and ensures that the lysis reaction contains a sufficient number of cells—this is important for experiments with fewer than ~100 cells and monitors the effectiveness of cell lysis.

Evaluate Compatibility with New Cell Lines
The TaqMan® Cells-to-CT™ Control Kit is ideal for assessing the compatibility of untested cell lines with the TaqMan® Gene Expression Cells-to-CT Kit to determine the maximum number of cells that can be used per lysis reaction.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Control Template: XenoRNA™ control (synthetic RNA transcript)
Gene Symbol: ACTB
Green Features: Fewer resources used and less waste, Less hazardous
Includes: Control Primer-Probe Set(s) & Template(s)
Internal Probe Modification: MGB (Minor Groove Binder) (3'), Non-Fluorescent Quencher (3'), FAM (5')
Label or Dye: FAM
Product Line: Ambion™, Cells-to-CT™, TaqMan™
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Target Gene: XenoRNA™ control, β-actin
Detection Method: Fluorescence
For Use With (Application): Real Time PCR (qPCR)
Format: Tube(s)
GC-Rich PCR Performance: High
No. of Reactions: 100 Reactions
No. of Tests: 100 Reactions
PCR Method: qPCR, RT-PCR
Product Type Specs: Cells-to-C Control Kit
Sufficient For: 100 Reactions

Contents & storage

Xeno™ RNA Control, 20X Xeno™ RNA Control Taqman™ Gene Expression Assay, and 20X ACTB (β-actin) TaqMan™ Gene Expression Assay are all stored at -20°C. All reagents are guaranteed stable for 6 months when properly stored.