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VeritiLink™ Remote Management Software

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VeritiLink® Remote Management Software (VRMS) is an easy-to-install software that provides secure, remote management for Veriti® Thermal Cyclers from anywhere on the network.

This easy-to-install software provides secure, remote management for Veriti® Thermal Cyclers from anywhere on the network.

• Perform and monitor runs for up to 50+ networked Veriti® Thermal Cyclers
• Manage all of your Veriti® systems in a secure client-server environment with user password protection
• Receive real-time e-mail system updates on your desktop, laptop or PDA
• VeritiLink® Remote Management Software (VRMS) browser-enabled interface means you can “Bookmark Your Veritis" for fast, convenient access
• Create and edit methods on your computer for increased security and peace of mind, and download⁄upload to⁄from your Veriti systems as needed
• Easy setup: install software on a server for use on any networked computers

Veriti Systems Anywhere, Everywhere: VeritiLink® Remote Monitoring Software
VRMS allows you to access Veriti® Systems anywhere, everywhere. This software package allows you to manage and monitor thermal cycling runs wherever you can access an internet browser. With this program, you can start or stop runs, create and edit methods and send them to the Veriti® Thermal Cycler systems as needed. Designed to manage from one to 50+ Veriti® Thermal Cyclers, the user interface shows which systems are available for use and status of systems in use to facilitate instrument sharing for busy labs. With system update email notifications to your desktop, laptop, or PDA and user password protection to keep your methods secure, this software provides you with peace of mind that your systems are running smoothly and securely.

Easy to Install
This software is easy to install, requiring only server-side installation to provide access for all networked computers. This provides more convenient access than competitors’ software which requires local computer software installation for the server computer as well as each client computer.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): Veriti Thermal Cycler
Product Line: VeritiLink®
Software Type: Remote Management Software