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Applied Biosystems™

TaqMan™ Array Human Endogenous Control

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Applied Biosystems® TaqMan® Express Endogenous Control Plates use TaqMan® probe-based chemistry and are designed for use on the suite of Applied Biosystems® Real-Time PCR Systems – together the gold standard in quantitative gene expression offering the greatest sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility, and the broadest dynamic range.
The first aspect of any experiment looking at relative quantitation of gene expression should be the selection of endogenous control gene(s), to normalize for variations in sample input. The TaqMan® Express Human Endogenous Control Plate contains 32 genes, plated in triplicate, that have been shown to be good candidates for such an experiment. This collection of genes has been selected from literature searches and⁄or whole genome microarray tests carried out on numerous human tissues. They have been shown to be expressed constitutively and at moderate abundance across most test samples.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Includes: Control Primer-Probe Set(s)
Internal Probe Modification: MGB (Minor Groove Binder) (3'), Non-Fluorescent Quencher (3'), FAM (5')
Label or Dye: FAM
Product Line: TaqMan™
Purification Method: Standard
Target Gene: Housekeeping & Control Gene Panel
Form: Dried Down
Format: 96-well plate
Reaction Speed: Standard
Species: Human

Contents & storage

Each TaqMan® Express Human Endogenous Control Plate contains 32 genes, plated in triplicate.