Real-Time PCR StatMiner™ Academic License, 3 Years

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Applied Biosystems™  Related applications: Real Time PCR (qPCR)

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RealTime StatMiner® from Integromics® is a powerful, easy-to-use bioinformatics tool for quality control and differential expression analysis of real-time PCR data. The software can import raw data or Ct values from any of our real-time PCR instruments and process an entire analysis on a simple click, providing accurate and reliable results in minutes. Its real-time dynamic graphics provide you with a unique user experience of interactivity with your data and results.
• Easy-to-use workflow with Click And Go™ automatic processing
• Advanced statistical and data mining tools for differential expression analysis
• Interactive graphics with dynamic charts and real-time filters
• Parametric, non-parametric and paired statistical tests
• Multi-factor analysis with 2-way ANOVA
• Hierarchical clustering on samples and experimental groups
• Analysis report generation, simple results sharing
• Available on TIBCO® Spotfire®
• Compatible with all of our real-time PCR instruments, TaqMan® Arrays & Gene Expression Assays in plate format, StepOne™ & StepOnePlus™ platforms, SYBR® Green experiments and Viia™ 7 systems

Comprehensive Analysis and Results in a Simple Click
RealTime StatMiner® software features a complete yet simple analysis workflow to provide you with a large panel of powerful results, including:
- raw Ct data overview and status, including advanced Quality Controls
- optimal combination of endogenous controls and normalization report
- ΔCt profiles and correlation study
- statistics and charts for Relative Quantification analysis
- hierarchical clustering of differential expression patterns
With its unique Click And Go™ technology RealTime StatMiner can automatically process all your data in a simple click, which makes the tool extremely easy to use.

Advanced Quality Controls
RealTime StatMiner performs an extensive series of quality controls on your qPCR data to guarantee reliable results. Automatic Quality Controls include: - raw Ct values profiling
- outlier detection in technical replicates
- outlier detection in biological replicates
- detection of weakly supported values
- check relevance of selected endogenous controls
Quality Controls are all automatically performed along with the analysis pipeline.

Powerful Statistical Analysis for Normalization and Differential Expression
A typical qPCR data analysis pipeline involves two crucial steps in terms of statistical analysis: identifying the best control genes to normalize the expression values (ΔCt computation) and detecting differentially expressed genes between biological groups of interest (ΔΔCt computation). RealTime StatMiner® automatically identifies the optimal set of endogenous controls (or housekeeping genes) to perform the best possible normalization. Available normalization algorithms are described in peer-reviewed scientific publications and include GeNorm, NormFinder and the global normalization method. Similarly, RealTime StatMiner provides you with several methods to detect differentially expressed genes (parametric, non parametric and paired statistical tests) and with an ANOVA test to detect interactions between experimental factors (like time and treatment for instance, or age and drug doses).

Integration with TIBCO® Spotfire®
RealTime StatMiner is provided as a standalone application or as a plug-in for TIBCO Spotfire, a leading software application for visualizing multidimensional data. Visualizations in Spotfire—including scatter plots, profile charts, heat maps, and pie charts—help you analyze large data sets, such as the expression of hundreds of genes in hundreds of samples. Many additional tools are also available in Spotfire for further processing: functional analysis of regulated genes, comparison of gene expression results from different experiments/technologies, statistical analysis tools, etc.

Straightforward Data Integration and Results Sharing
Data importation is made easy in RealTime StatMiner with a custom data reader and many uploading wizards. Process your entire dataset with no specific limitation on the input size. Generate your analysis report and export your results as text files, tables, simple pictures, Microsoft® Excel® charts, PowerPoint® slide decks or Web page. Sharing results with your collaborators is simpler than ever with RealTime StatMiner.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Software Type: Real-Time PCR Data Analysis, StatMiner™
Product Line: Applied Biosystems™, StatMiner™
Product Size: 1 license
Software Category: Software
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature


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