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TaqMan™ GTXpress™ Master Mix

Catalog number:  4401890

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Genotyping & Genomic Profiling

| Real Time PCR (qPCR)

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Alternative Product: Try TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix, our newest and highest performing genotyping master mix for accurate results, even from samples containing PCR inhibitors. With TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix, we’ve taken the best of TaqMan GTXpress Master Mix and added additional capabilities for your genotyping experiments.

TaqMan® GTXpress™ Master Mix delivers accurate genotyping results with robust performance in less than 50 min. Applied Biosystems® TaqMan® GTXpress™ Master Mix (2X) combines AmpliTaq® Fast DNA Polymerase, UP, dNTPs, Tracking Dye, and ROX™ dye in a convenient single vial format. The 1 mL pack includes reagents sufficient to perform 400 PCR reactions (5 µL/reaction).
• Compatible with both Fast and Standard mode thermal cycling conditions
• Pre-mixed components stored at 2°–8°C significantly reduce assay setup time
• Validated with all types of Applied Biosystems® TaqMan® Genotyping Assays
• Extended PCR cycling can be used for poorly amplified or sample-limited reactions The TaqMan® GTXpress™ Master Mix is also sold as part of TaqMan® Sample-to-SNP™ Kit, which provides real-time PCR-ready DNA in 5 min from a wide variety of samples, ranging from blood to buccal swabs to plant tissues. For more information on the TaqMan® Sample-to-SNP™ Kit, refer to the Applied Biosystems® TaqMan® Sample-to-SNP™ Kit Protocol (PN. 4402136).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): QuantStudio™ 12k Flex, QuantStudio™ 3, QuantStudio™ 5, QuantStudio™ 6 Flex, QuantStudio™ 7, StepOne™ Standard Mode, StepOne™ Fast Mode
Genotyping Target: SNPs (Unknown or Numerous), SNPs (Known)
Hot Start: Built-In Hot Start
Passive Reference Dye: ROX (Pre-mixed)
Primer Probe Compatibility: TaqMan™
Product Line: GTXpress™, TaqMan™
Purity or Quality Grade: UP (Ultra Pure)
Sample Type: DNA (Genomic), Sample-to-SNP™ Kit Lysates
Shipping Condition: Wet Ice
Technique: SNP Genotyping (Real-Time PCR-Based)
Concentration: 2 X
Detection Method: Primer-Probe Detection
Fidelity (vs. Taq): 2 X
Format: Single Vial
GC-Rich PCR Performance: High
No. of Reactions: 40000 Reactions
No. of Tests: 40000 Reactions
PCR Method: qPCR
Polymerase: AmpliTaq™ DNA Polymerase
Product Type Specs: Master Mix
Reaction Speed: Fast, Standard
Volume: 100 mL

Contents & storage

Contains 1 x 50 mL TaqMan™ GTXpress™ Master Mix (2X master mix with AmpliTaq™ Fast DNA Polymerase, UP, dNTPs, Tracking Dye and ROX™ Dye). Sufficient for 20,000 reactions. Store at 2-8°C.

Guaranteed minimum shelf life is 60 days (exact expiry date printed on product and CofA).