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HM 430, HM 450 and 440 E Sliding Microtomes Accessories

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Anatomical Pathology

Maintain Thermo Scientific™ HM 430 and HM 450 Sliding Microtomes with Thermo Scientific HM 430, HM 450 and 440 E Sliding Microtomes Accessories.
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Standard buffer tray

  • Holds stages in place using a magnet
  • Fill tray with all water-based buffers and solutions
  • Cooling element for buffer solution

  • Use pre-cooled in the standard buffer tray for cooling tissue
  • Use frozen together with buffer solution to prevent the frozen buffer solution from inflating
  • Large-field magnifier

  • Magnification 2.5X
  • Move, swivel, and displace for optimal viewing position
  • Includes adapter and illumination
  • StemiScope™ with optics and mount

  • Eyepieces: 10X
  • Supplementary lens: 0.63X
  • Zoom magnifying range: 4.1 to 31.5X
  • Microscope adapter for angled view of specimen
  • Horizontal view and vertical drive and swivel mechanism
  • Swan-neck light guide

  • 3.5mm fiber bundle
  • Swan-neck light guide: 50mm long
  • Flexible light guide: 750mm long
  • High light intensity
  • Include adapter for the KL200 (760317)