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TaqMan™ Protein Expression Core Reagents Kit

Catalog number:  4405501

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Applied Biosystems® TaqMan® Protein Expression Assays enable fast, easy identification, and relative protein quantification of pluripotency protein markers from limited quantities of cultured hESCs. The TaqMan® Protein Expression Assays Core Reagents Base Kit contains the reagents required to perform the ligation and PCR amplification steps of TaqMan® protein expression assays. The Universal PCR Assay contains optimized concentrations of TaqMan® probe and oligonucleotide primers (forward and reverse) that are designed to amplify a region of the protease-treated ligation product for detection on an Applied Biosystems® real-time PCR system. The enzyme concentration, ionic strength, and the pH of the TaqMan® Protein Expression Fast Master Mix are optimized for the amplification of ligated oligonucleotide target sequences prepared using TaqMan® Protein Expression Assay reagents. The DNA polymerase included in the master mix is designed for maximum PCR efficiency and specificity when used with the ligation chemistry. Key features of the TaqMan® Protein Expression Assay:
• Quantitates protein expression using gold standard TaqMan® 5’ nuclease chemistry
• Enables direct correlation of mRNA and/or miRNA expression to protein expression on the same real-time PCR platform
• Allows greater sensitivity and a more quantitative readout than western blots and immunostaining.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Hot Start: No
Passive Reference Dye: ROX (Pre-mixed)
Polymerase: AmpliTaq® Fast DNA Polymerase
Primer Probe Compatibility: TaqMan®
PCR Method: qPCR Protein Quantification
Purity or Quality Grade: UP (Ultra Pure)
Reaction Speed: Fast
Sample Type: Cells
Technique: Proximity Ligation Assay
Target Specificity: Not Target-Specific
Product Line: TaqMan™
Detection Method: Primer-Probe Detection
For Use With (Equipment): 7500 Fast System, 7900HT Fast System, StepOne™, Fast Mode, StepOnePlus™, Fast Mode
Label or Dye: FAM

Contents & storage

Includes the TaqMan® Protein Expression Core Reagents Base Kit (with DNA Ligase, Ligase Dilution Buffer, Ligation Reaction Buffer, PBS pH 7.4, Protease, and Universal PCR Assay; store at -15 to -25°C), and the TaqMan® Protein Expression Fast Master Mix (store at 2 - 8°C).