Thermo Scientific™

Nunc™ 96-Well Cap Mats

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Cell Culture Plastics

Protect all 96 wells during short term or long term storage of chemicals or compounds with a single device using Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 96-Well Cap Mats, which prevent contamination and evaporation of well contents.

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  • Chemically resistant and pierceable; can withstand low temperature to -80°C
  • A variety of colors for quick identification of storage plates
Pre-slit silicone well caps:
  • Pre-slit silicone well caps permit a pipette tip or probe to enter the well without damage to the cap
  • Silicone pre-slit well caps permit a pipet tip or probe to enter the well without damage to the cap
  • Silicone caps with pre-slit are solvent resistant, should not be subjected to 100% DMSO
Warranty: 90 days

Ordering Information:

Sterile mats are individually wrapped.


Designed specifically for use with microplates featuring "shared wall" technology. 96-well polypropylene DeepWell plates with “Shared Wall” technology also fit standard-height polypropylene 96-well microwell plates. 276011 Preslit silicone caps can be pierced repeatedly. Do not use pre-slit silicone with 100% DMSO.

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