Applied Biosystems™

ViralSEQ™ Vesivirus Detection Kit

Catalog number: 4448398C
Applied Biosystems™

ViralSEQ™ Vesivirus Detection Kit

Catalog number: 4448398C
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4448398C100 reactions
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Viral contamination in mammalian product manufacturing presents a serious risk to the manufacturing process, the manufacturing facility, and the integrity of the product. Vesivirus 2117 is an RNA virus that has re-emerged as a potential threat to mammalian cell culture production. To meet the challenge of rapid, specific, and sensitive detection of Vesivirus, Applied Biosystems has developed the first commercially available integrated kit for isolation and detection of Vesivirus from mammalian cell culture samples.

The ViralSEQ™ Vesivirus Detection Assay is a PCR-based test that enables users to quickly isolate and detect Vesivirus 2117 and all other known strains with high sensitivity and specificity. The test utilizes PrepSEQ™ sample preparation magnetic beads to isolate viral RNA from a wide range of sample types, combined with TaqMan™-based technology for sensitive and specific detection of the viral RNA. The kit also includes a proprietary positive control template that helps eliminate the possibility of false positive results arising from inadvertent contamination of test samples with the positive control.
• Detection of known Vesivirus strains
• Rapid time-to-results in less than 5 hours
• TaqMan™-based real-time PCR assay
• Demonstrated sensitivity and specificity
• Proprietary optimized sample preparation for high RNA recovery

Table 1. Exclusion Panel.The ViralSEQ™ Assay has been demonstrated to be specific for Vesivirus and does not detect RNA purified from related and unrelated species and organisms.

Bacillus 2.5 ng Chicken 5 ng
Clostridium 2.5 ng Dog 5 ng
E. coli 2.5 ngHuman 5 ng
Lactoccus 2.5 ngMDCK 5 ng
Shigella 2.5 ngRat 5 ng
Yeast 5 ngCHO 500 ng
  Human RNA 1 μg
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line
Starting Material
Detection Method
Primer-Probe Detection
PCR Method
1-Step qRT-PCR
Product Type
Vesivirus Detection Kit
Sample Type
Viral RNA
Shipping Condition
Dry Ice

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Contains RT-PCR assay, buffer and enzyme mix, positive control and negative control


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