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OpenArray™ AccuFill™ System Tips

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This is a box of tips for use with the OpenArray™ AccuFill™ System, which is part of the OpenArray™ Real-Time PCR Platform. Since AccuFill tips have a shorter shelf-life than OpenArray plates, we recommend that you align your order quantity with your estimated OpenArray throughput.

About the OpenArray Real-Time PCR Platform
The OpenArray Real-Time PCR Platform provides PCR-based genotyping and gene expression analysis of hundreds to thousands of samples and assays per day. Researchers can analyze up to 144 samples on a single OpenArray plate. Three OpenArray plates can be cycled and imaged simultaneously on the OpenArray™ Real-Time PCR Instrument, providing high-throughput results with ease. The system workflow thermal cycles and fluorescently images the OpenArray plates. Results are captured on the external PC, and the OpenArray analysis software enables researchers to view specific assay data.

Complete Platform
The OpenArray Real-Time PCR Platform includes:
• OpenArray Real-Time PCR Instrument—images three OpenArray plates simultaneously
• OpenArray AccuFill System—loads samples into OpenArray plates
• OpenArray™ Case Sealing Station—seals OpenArray plates
• OpenArray instrument accessories (includes PC system)
• OpenArray™ Genotyping Analysis Software
• OpenArray™ Real-Time PCR Analysis Software
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Format: Tips
Product Line: AccuFill™, OpenArray®
Shelf Life: 4 months from date of manufacture
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
For Use With (Equipment): OpenArray®

Contents & storage

Each box contains 384 AccuFill™ tips for accurate sample loading.