NA-XTD™ Influenza Neuraminidase Assay Reagent Set, no plates included This product, and/or its packaging, incorporates one or more environmental/green features. Click on this icon to learn more.

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The NA-XTD™ Influenza Neuraminidase Assay Kit is a next-generation chemiluminescence-based assay that provides a longer signal read-out compared to the first-generation NA-Star® Influenza Neuraminidase Inhibitor Resistance Detection Kit. The NA-XTD™ kit includes detection reagents and microplates, eliminating the need for luminometers equipped with a reagent injector, and improving ease-of-use. This kit also includes complete assay protocols for quantitating sensitivity to neuraminidase inhibitors in various influenza virus isolates including: human influenza types A and B, A⁄H1N1 pandemic, avian, equine and porcine viruses.

Key product features:
• Superior performance—improved, long-lived light emission kinetics and read-time flexibility
• High sensitivity—high assay signal-to-noise, detection of low-virus concentrations, and wide assay dynamic range
• Simple instrumentation requirement—no reagent injectors or luminometer needed
• Multiple applications—neuraminidase inhibitor IC50 assays and cell-based virus quantitation

Long-Lived Light Emission Kinetics & Read-Time Flexibility
The NA-XTD™ assay yields much longer-lived light emission kinetics than does the NA-Star® assay, eliminating the need for luminometer instrumentation with reagent injectors and enabling read-time flexibility and batch-mode processing of assay plates. NA-XTD™ assay signal half-life is approximately 2 hours, longer than the 5-10 minute half-life of the NA-Star® assay signal. IC-50 values determined from data collected immediately or up to 3 hours following addition of NA-XTD™ Accelerator solution are identical (Figure 1).

High Sensitivity
The NA-XTD™ chemiluminescent assay provides higher detection sensitivity (better low-end detection limit), higher assay signal-to-noise ratio, and wider assay dynamic range than fluorescent assays with the MUNANA substrate. The NA-XTD™ assay also typically demonstrates slightly higher signal-to-noise than the NA-Star® assay. The NA-XTD™ assay provides 2–50-fold higher sensitivity by signal-to-noise ratio than MUNANA-based fluorescence assays, depending on the virus isolate (Figure 2). The NA-XTD™ assay provides a dynamic range of detection of 3–4 orders of magnitude of neuraminidase enzyme concentration, compared to 2–3 orders of magnitude range with fluorescent MUNANA assays. The wide chemiluminescent neuraminidase assay range enables determination of IC-50 values over a wide range of virus concentrations, eliminating the need to titer virus prior to performing IC50 determination assays (Figure 3).

Simple Instrumentation Requirement
The NA-XTD ™ assay can be used for virus quantitation in media samples from 96-well microplates or other virus cultures for monitoring viral growth or infection, or for performing viral inhibition assays in a cell-based system. Optimally, a small sample of culture media is removed and assayed directly with NA-XTD™ reagents, permitting multiple samples to be assayed over time (Figure 4).

Multiple Applications in One Complete Kit
The NA-XTD™ Assay Buffer is used as diluent for virus samples, neuraminidase inhibitors and NA-XTD™ substrate. An optional NA Sample Prep Buffer is also included for Triton® X-100 detergent addition to virus preparations, which increases NA activity in some virus preparations. The next-generation NA-XTD™ Accelerator solution triggers high intensity light emission from the NA-XTD™ reaction product. For added convenience and assay performance, the kit includes NA-Star™ Detection Microplates. These 96-well solid white assay microplates were selected for optimum assay performance, including high signal intensity, low background, and minimum well-to-well cross-talk. The kit includes a comprehensive assay protocol that provides virus and neuraminidase inhibitor (NI) dilution recommendations, a recommended plate layout for NI sensitivity assays, a protocol for virus quantitation, and a literature reference list. The NA-XTD™ Influenza Neuraminidase Assay Kit is compatible with a wide range of luminometers, including single-mode and multi-mode instruments, with no need for injectors.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Assay Type: Neuraminidase Assay
Detection Method: Chemiluminescent
For Use With (Equipment): Luminometer (Microplate)
Form: Liquid
Format: 96-well plate
High Throughput Compatibility: High Throughput-Compatible
Product Line: NA-XTD™, NovaBright™
Product Size: 960 assays
Readout: End Point
Substrate: NA-XTD™
Substrate Properties: Chemical Substrate
Substrate Type: Neuraminidase Substrate
Target Enzyme: Neuraminidase, Sialidase
Technique: Enhanced Chemiluminescence
Green Features: Less hazardous, Sustainable packaging
Shipping Condition: Wet Ice

Contents & storage

This kit contains 1000X NA-XTD™ Substrate, NA Sample Prep Buffer, NA-XTD™ Assay Buffer, and NA-XTD™ Accelerator. Store all components at 2 to 8°C.


Manuals & protocols