This product will be discontinued on February 28, 2017. Please consider the MagMAX™ FFPE DNA/RNA Ultra Kit as a replacement. View discontinuation letter »

MagMAX™ FFPE Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit

Catalog number: 4463365

Ambion™  Related applications: DNA Extraction

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The MagMAX™ FFPE Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit delivers faster, cleaner, and easier high-throughput purification of total RNA and DNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples. This new product is both deparaffinization-free and xylene-free making for a simpler and safer process. A magnetic bead workflow enables high-throughput scale and speed with yield and purity comparable to its filter-based predecessor, the Ambion® RecoverAll™ kit. Whether processed manually, or via automation using the MagMAX™ Express-96 Magnetic Particle Processor, each kit contains all the reagents necessary to process 96 samples from start to finish in as little as 3 hours.

Remove xylene and deparaffinization from your FFPE nucleic acid purifications

• Purify total nucleic acids, including miRNA, from FFPE tissue samples in a high-throughput platform using the kit’s magnetic bead-based technology
• Get RNA or DNA in 3 hours (automated) or 3.5 hours (manual)
• Achieve superior performance with our simplified workflow in one complete kit

A Simpler, Faster, and Safer Product
Existing methods utilize xylene or similar solvents followed by alcohol washes to solubilize the paraffin before undergoing a protease digestion and then clean-up with glass fiber filter spin columns. While effective, these methods employ toxic chemicals and require considerable hands-on time. The MagMAX™ FFPE Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit employs novel chemistries to remove the need for these hazardous solvents by removing the deparaffinization step entirely. A streamlined protocol consisting of solution additions (as opposed to transfers or other steps) consolidates and makes the process simpler, faster, and safer.

Scale and Throughput—Finally
The MagMAX™ FFPE Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit utilizes magnetic bead chemistry which enables users to scale up to 96 samples at a time. Manual extractions are best performed in a 96-well plate with commonly available magnetic stands and multichannel pipets, in approximately 3.5 hours, with approximately 1.5 hours of hands-on time. For automated processing, the 3 hour protocol requires only 30 minutes of hands-on time to perform the improved protease-digestion and bead-binding steps, before the sample is placed on the MagMAX™ Express-96 Magnetic Particle Processor for the remaining wash, on-bead nuclease treatment, and elution steps. The process can also be automated on open-format robotics.

Total Nucleic Acid Recovery
The MagMAX™ FFPE Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit can purify both total RNA (including miRNA) as well as DNA from the same kit. Up to two 10 µm sections can be processed per well with yield comparable to the best-in-class Ambion® RecoverAll™ Kit and better than competitive offerings. miRNA, which is least affected by the cross-linking process, is effectively co-purified with the mRNA, further enabling the utility of this otherwise challenging sample. Whereas typical DNA purification requires an overnight digestion step, the MagMAX™ FFPE Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit requires only a 1.5 hour digestion, significantly reducing the total processing time.

Purified Nucleic Acid Ready for Downstream Analysis
Recovered nucleic acids are suitable for downstream applications such as qRT-PCR, microarray analysis, and mutation screening. However, as is the case with all FFPE tissue, sample fixation and storage typically cause nucleic acid fragmentation and modification. Therefore, downstream applications such as microarray analysis, which require more pristine RNA than does qRT-PCR, may require modification for best results.

Complete Kit Convenience
The MagMAX™ FFPE Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit contains everything needed to perform 96 purifications. DNase and RNase are both supplied for maximum user flexibility and are employed in an efficient on-bead nuclease treatment. A 96-well processing plate and a 96-well elution plate are also included for convenience.

Need Only DNA from Your FFPE Samples?
A stand-alone MagMAX™ FFPE DNA Isolation Kit is available separately for users who are working solely with DNA and are not interested in RNA purification.

Contents & storage

Box 1
Store at Room Temp:
  • Digestion Buffer, 15 mL
  • DNA Digestion Additive, 3 mL
  • Binding Buffer, 40 mL
  • Wash Soln 1 Concentrate, 24 mL
  • Wash Soln 2 Concentrate, 12 mL
  • Elution Buffer, 7 mL
  • Nuclease-Free Water, 18 mL
  • Processing Plate, 1 each
  • Elution Plate, 1 each

Store at 2 to 8°C, Do not freeze:
  • Nucleic Acid Binding Beads, 2 mL

Box 2
Store at -15 to -25°C:
  • Protease, 400 µL
  • RNase A, 100 µL


Manuals & protocols

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