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POROS™ XQ Strong Anion Exchange Resin

Catalog number:  4467817

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POROS™ XQ resin is a next–generation, high-capacity, high-resolution, salt–tolerant, strong anion exchange resin that that enables >140 mg/mL dynamic binding capacity in the presence of up to 6.6 mS/cm NaCl, while delivering exceptional separation performance. A major improvement to the performance of traditional anion exchangers, POROS™ XQ resin sets the standard for strong anion exchange chromatography in both bind & elute or flow-through modes of operation.

Features of POROS™ XQ resin include:
• High dynamic binding capacity leading to reduced column size, smaller footprint, decreased water and buffer usage, and reduced cycling
• High resolution supporting improved product yield and purity, ultimately improving the cost of goods for the molecule being produced
• Robust salt tolerance allowing enhanced process design flexibility and streamlining of process flow
• Low operating back pressure and linear pressure versus flow responses driving flexible scalability
• Rigid polymeric bead with covalent surface chemistry for easier handling and packing, and superior physical and chemical stability enabling a more robust downstream purification process

Dynamic Binding Capacity
POROS™ XQ resin has a high binding capacity of more than 140 mg/mL at 5% breakthrough, over a broad range of process conditions, with superior binding capacity across a broad range of pH and salt conditions. Higher dynamic binding capacity was achieved by optimizing the base bead pore structure and surface chemistry.

High Resolution
Using an optimized 50 µm particle size, POROS™ XQ resin maintains the superior resolving capacity of the POROS™ resins, overcoming the challenging impurity levels associated with high titer processes. Resolution remains consistent across a wide range of operating flow rates.

Robust Salt Tolerance
POROS™ XQ resin has high and consistent protein capacity across a broad range of salt concentrations up to 140 mg/mL at 50 mM NaCl (6.6 mS/cm conductivity). The ability to load columns under higher conductivity reduces or helps eliminate the dilution of column feed streams or the removal of unit operations, such as tangential flow filtration.
Pharmaceutical Grade Reagent. For Manufacturing and Laboratory Use Only.


Binding Strength: 5% breakthrough capacity > 140 mg/mL BSA in the presence of up to 6.5 mS/cm NaCl,
Format: Bottle(s)
Product Line: POROS™
Capacity (Metric): 5000 mL
Column Type: Ion Exchange
Stationary Phase: Strong anion exchange
Flow Rate: 300 cm/hr.

Contents & storage

Store at room temperature.