Ion Torrent™

Ion Library TaqMan™ Quantitation Kit

Catalog number: 4468802
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Ion Torrent™

Ion Library TaqMan™ Quantitation Kit

Catalog number: 4468802
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250 reactions
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4468802250 reactions
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The Ion Library TaqMan™ Quantitation Kit is an easy-to-use, flexible solution for the accurate quantitation of library input for the Ion Torrent semiconductor sequencing workflow. This comprehensive kit provides a TaqMan™ qPCR mix and library standard to detect and quantify femtomolar amounts of Ion Fragment Libraries. With universal cycling conditions that allow both fast and standard cycling, the Ion Library TaqMan Quantitation kit supports most real-time platforms. This universal kit provides greater accuracy and specificity compared to non-probe-based methods, delivering simplicity and speed to the PGM™ System sequencing workflow.

With The Ion Library TaqMan Quantitation Kit You Get:

• Precision— The TaqMan™ Assay provides greater specificity and accuracy in detecting properly adapted, amplifiable templates over non-probe-based quantitation methods.
• Sensitivity— The protocol supports quantitation of femtomolar amounts of fragment libraries.
• Simplicity— The validated, ready-to-use qPCR standard requires only a simple serial dilution to determine the optimal concentration of library to use for templated bead preparation.
• Versatility— The highly robust qPCR mix accommodates a wide range of cycling conditions and reaction volumes, and combines highly sensitive detection with a broad quantification range.
• Efficiency— qPCR-based methods use less material for quantification.

Quantitate Library Input for Use on the PGM™ System
The Ion Library TaqMan Quantitation Kit facilitates the quantitation of amplifiable template in an Ion fragment library for use during template preparation in the Ion Torrent sequencing workflow. Complete with TaqMan™ qPCR mix custom-designed for Ion library adapters and an Ion library control, the kit is a complete solution for determining the optimal amount of starting material needed for high quality sequencing results.

This Kit Includes:

• A custom TaqMan™ Assay designed for Ion library adaptors
• An optimized Ion Library Amplification mix
• An adapted E. Coli DH10B library control of a defined size constructed using the Ion Fragment Library Kit to yield an adapted library ∼190bp in size, providing essential components for quality control while maintaining flexibility to accommodate your laboratory needs.

Compatible With a Wide Range of Applications and Instruments
With the Ion Library TaqMan Quantitation Kit, most real-time instruments using either fast or standard cycling programs can be utilized to accurately quantitate genomic and amplicon libraries. These instruments include the Applied Biosystems 7900HT, 7300, 7500, ViiA 7, StepOne™, and StepOnePlus™ Systems. The kit has been validated for quantification of Ion Fragment Libraries. The Ion-specific E. Coli DH10B Library control included in the kit is recommended for use only as a qPCR control and not a sequencing control.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Calibration Type
Sequencing - Library Quantitation
For Use With (Equipment)
Ion PGM™ System and Ion S5 Plus
For Use With (Application)
Product Line
Ion Torrent™
Product Type
Quantitation Kit
2 Tubes
Sample Volume
2.5 ml
Shipping Condition
Wet Ice
Workflow Step
Library Quantitation

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Store components at -20° C


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