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Matrix™ SepraSeal and DuraSeal Capping Systems

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Microplates, Dishes and Flasks

Accomodate a range of application and storage requirements. Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ SepraSeal and DuraSeal tube sealing solutions complement the innovative line of Thermo Scientific Matrix 2D and non-2D coded storage tubes. Available in a range of formats to allow automated piercing, visual identification and sterility preference to meet your individual storage needs.

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Sample Access Options
  • Designed for storage down to -20°C, Matrix SepraSeal mats are available in sterile, non-sterile, solid, or pre-split, and a range of colors for quick visual sample identification
  • Solid seals can be removed for sample access with the Thermo Scientific Matrix SepraSeal cap removal tool, or can be pierced once
  • For applications involving repetitive sample access, a pre-split Matrix SepraSeal can be pierced by automated liquid handling equipment, requiring very little pressure, while maintaining seal integrity with self sealing closure
  • For applications requiring storage down to -80°C, permanently installed DuraSeals are an ultra robust SepraSeal option—can also be used for repetitive piercing procedures
  • The Matirx DuraSeals Pre-Split V-Shaped design reliably and accurately guides automated liquid handling needles into the same location over multiple piercings—self sealing design mainains sample integrity and prevents loss during storage
  • Elastomer ensures sealing performance will not degrade, even after multiple cap piercings

Application Flexibility

  • The Matrix SepraSeal tube sealing solution offers the flexibility of individual tube capping while also providing the ability to apply 96 caps at once
  • Supplied in mats of 96 caps each, sealing is secure and consistent every time when applied with the Thermo Scientific SuperSealer
  • After the SuperSealer applies the mat, simply pull up the backing sheet to reveal 96 individually sealed tubes—for applications where multiple piercings are required
  • The Matrix DuraSeal capping system is available in bulk or pre-installed in a wide array of our storage tubes
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