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Ion Torrent™

Ion Xpress™ Plus Fragment Library Kit

Catalog number: 4471269
Ion Torrent™

Ion Xpress™ Plus Fragment Library Kit

Catalog number: 4471269
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447126910 reactions
Price: 1,270.00
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The Ion Xpress™ Plus Fragment Library Kit provides a rapid and flexible enzymatic-based library construction methodology for the Personal Genome Machine™ sequencing system workflow. Employing enhanced proprietary Ion Shear™ DNA fragmentation chemistry, this revolutionary kit allows completion of library preparation in as little as 2 hours for gDNA and amplicon libraries, removing the need for a physical shearing device to save time and cost. With significantly higher yields and lower bias than other library construction techniques, superior coverage uniformity is attained with as little as 100 ng input DNA. In addition, highly efficient library construction enables the creation of 'amplification-free' libraries from 1 μg input material. This kit allows users to modulate an appropriate fragment insert size depending on desired read length and application.

The Ion Xpress™ Plus Fragment Library Kit contains sample preparation reagents for enzymatic shearing and library construction for up to 20 DNA libraries (depending on input DNA type) for semiconductor sequencing. Store components at -20°C.

The Ion Xpress™ Plus Fragment Library Kit offers you:
• Superior coverage uniformity for diverse sample types using our proprietary Ion Shear™ Plus chemistry
• Lower input requirement with as little as 100 ng starting material
• Rapid and flexible workflow with Ion fragment libraries containing variable insert sizes in as fast as 2 hours
• Significant cost savings by removing the need for ancillary shearing devices
• Scalable methodology applicable to automated library preparation systems including the AB Library Builder™ System

A Single-Day Workflow: The Next Stage in a Sequencing Revolution
With a turnaround time of as little as 2 hours, the Ion Xpress™ Fragment Library Kit shortens the Ion sequencing workflow to a single workday, making comprehensive analyses of your sample(s) of interest possible in less time than ever before. Furthermore, Ion Xpress™ Plus fragment libraries exhibit greater coverage uniformity and higher recovery rates across diverse sample types than other library construction methodologies, so you can be confident of generating the best data in the shortest time.

Ion Torrent Sequencing Made Simpler, Faster, and More Affordable
Ion Shear™ Plus DNA fragmentation technology, included in the Ion Xpress™ Plus kit, obviates the need for costly physical shearing devices for most applications and requires as little as 100 ng of sample, accelerating your path to semiconductor sequencing. This flexible technology provides users the ability to adjust the resulting DNA fragment size to accommodate a range of sequencing read lengths depending on their project requirements. This technology is also amenable to automated library preparation systems such as the AB Library Builder™ System to provide quick answers when you need them most. Ion Shear™ Plus DNA fragmentation technology is not included in the Ion Plus kit. Use the Ion Plus kit if physical shearing methods are preferred.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Sample Type
Sequencing Type
Genome and DNA Sequencing
For Use With (Equipment)
Ion PGM™ System, Ion OneTouch™ System
For Use With (Application)
High-throughput Compatibility
High-throughput Compatible, Multiplexing
Fragment Library
No. of Reactions
Product Line
Ion Torrent™, Ion Xpress™
Product Type
Plus Fragment Library Kit
Post-Light™ Ion Semiconductor Sequencing
Template Compatibility
Genomic DNA
Workflow Step
Library Generation

Contents & Storage

Ion Plus Fragment Library Kit & Ion Shear™ Plus Reagents Kit, –°C to –10°C


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