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DigitalSuite™ Software

Catalog number:  4472103

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Real Time PCR (qPCR)

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DigitalSuite™ Software is a state-of-the-art analysis package specifically designed to streamline the analysis and interpretation of digital data generated using a QuantStudio™ Digital PCR Kit on the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex instrument. The software is tightly integrated with the instrument platform, providing a seamless workflow from experiment start to finish, enabling the user to easily and rapidly import digital data into experimental studies. This software also enables the user to define the experimental plate setup; generate absolute results output in copies per sample, including 95% confidence intervals around this estimate; directly access real-time data for data QC purposes; and export the data for further downstream analysis.

Key Benefits:

• Seamless integration into QuantStudio™ Data Collection and Analysis Software
• One-click launch from within QuantStudio™ software
• Study-based format consistent with other QuantStudio™ software reduces need to learn new functionality
• Streamlined workflow
• Minimized steps to answer simplifies analysis
• Direct calculation of target copies/ µL provides absolute target quantification
• Access to real-time data from within DigitalSuite™ software enables direct user review of critical data during QC process
• Extensive data visualization
• View plate heatmaps, bar graphs, and cluster plots
• Use visual interfaces to interactively explore data
• User configurable
• Preset defaults can be adjusted to user needs, supporting a wide variety of experiment designs and analysis requirements

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


License: Term
Product Line: QuantStudio™
Software Category: Software
Software Type: Digital PCR Software
For Use With (Equipment): QuantStudio™ 12 k Flex
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows XP