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AmpFLSTR™ Huaxia™ PCR Direct Amplification Kit

Catalog number:  4472117

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The AmpFLSTR Huaxia PCR Direct Amplification Kit employs a validated 'direct' amplification chemistry designed specifically for the China forensic community to use with DNA database samples and other single source DNA samples. The Huaxia PCR Direct Amplification kit amplifies the discriminating loci set in the Applied Biosystems Sinofiler Kit, while enabling high quality direct PCR amplification of reference samples without the need for incubation, extraction, or purification.

The Huaxia PCR Direct Amplification kit:

• Facilitates high throughput and automated processing
• Accelerates time-to-result while maintaining high profile quality
• Eliminates extraction/purification costs and reduces labor and consumable costs
• Reduces the number of pre-amplification processing steps, minimizing the possibility of contamination or other procedural errors
• Uses the same loci and primer sequences as the Sinofiler kit, which:
     -- Offers high discrimination for Chinese populations
     --Maximizes concordance and facilitates comparison with existing data/database
     --Streamlines validation and implementation

Direct Amplification While Minimizing PCR Inhibition
By overcoming PCR inhibition and enhancing amplification of all the Sinofiler loci, the Huaxia PCR Direct Amplification kit delivers direct amplification capability to the Sinofiler primer set, allowing database laboratories to eliminate work steps and reduce time and labor required to generate STR profiles. In addition, the Huaxia kit allows for amplification in less time than is currently required.

Higher First-pass Success Rates Improve Productivity
The Huaxia PCR Direct Amplification kit enables high-quality direct PCR amplification of reference samples with an improved first-pass success rate. You can expect:

• Well-resolved peaks above the background 'noise' level
• Minimal occurrence of allelic drop-out or off-scale data
• Clean baselines with fewer artifacts
• Well-balanced profile within each dye color for maximized Intracolor Balance (ICB) values

With the Huaxia kit, there is no need for sample extraction, purification, or quantification, enabling a substantial reduction in labor and consumable costs compared to the standard PCR amplification workflow.

Simply 'Punch and Go'
The kit includes primer mix, reaction mix, positive control DNA, and allelic ladder. The enzyme is contained within the reaction mix, so the Huaxia kit contains fewer tubes and fewer boxes than the Sinofiler kit. Simply punch a 1.2 mm disc into each well of a 96-well plate, add the master mix, and go to thermocycling. No washing, no extracting, and no quantifying. It's as simple as punch and go.

Note: For Forensic or Paternity Use Only.


The purchase of this product conveys to the buyer the non-transferable license to use the purchased amount of the product only for forensic or paternity testing conducted by the buyer. This license does not include, as ruled by a U.S. Court, a license to use this product in chimerism determination or analysis, molar specimens classification, cell line authentication, determination of fetal sex, cancer analysis, genetic research, non-casework-related forensic applications (such as general research in forensics or teaching and training persons not employed in a forensic laboratory), identifying or determining maternal cell contamination, or sample tracking. Further rights can be obtained by contacting Promega Corp., 2800 Woods Hollow Rd., Madison, WI 53711 USA.
For Forensic or Paternity Use Only.


For Use With (Application): Sequencing
For Use With (Equipment): 3130xl Genetic Analyzer, 3730 DNA Analyzer, 3130 Genetic Analyzer, 3500xL Genetic Analyzer, 3500 Genetic Analyzer
Label or Dye: FAM, JOE, LIZ, PET, VIC
Sample Type: Blood Samples, Forensic Sample, Whatman FTA Cards Samples, Blood
Format: Kit
Product Type: PCR Direct Amplification Kit
Quantity: 200 Reactions
Matrix and Size Standards: GeneScan 500 LIZ
Polymerase: AmpliTaq Gold DNA Polymerase
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Target Loci: D12S391, D6S1043, D19S433, vWA, D8S1179, D18S51, D5S818, D16S539, D3S1358, D2S1338, FGA, D7S820, D13S317, CSF1PO, D21S11
Target Population: Chinese
Technique: STR (Short Tandem Repeat) Analysis
Product Line: AmpFLSTR, Huaxia

Contents & storage

1 box with 1 bottle primer set, 2 bottles PCR reaction mix, 1 bottle Positive Control DNA, 1 Box with 1 tube of allelic ladder