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FLoid™ Printer Ink/Paper

Catalog number:  4472389

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Cellular Imaging

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Replacement color and ink paper set for the FLoid® Cell Imaging Station-compatible printer.

• All-in-one color ink cartridge and labels compatible with the FLoid® printer
• Color ink and label set produces credit card size label
• Adhesive back can be attached to your lab notebook
• Includes 18 sheets of credit card size dye sub labels
• Includes color ink ribbon for 18 prints

Print Beautiful, Borderless Credit Card Sized Photos in Vibrant Colors
Replacement color and ink paper set for the compact photo printer is optimal for the FLoid® cell imaging station (SKU # 44472351), which prints photo lab quality images of your fluorescently labeled samples in under a minute. The sticker-based backing allows you to paste directly into your lab notebook.

The prints will be water-resistant and can last up to 100 years! You'll enjoy photo lab quality and have fun all at the same time.


Product Line: Floid™
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Includes: Color Ink, Paper Set
Type: Printer Ink/Paper
For Use With (Equipment): Floid™ Cell Imaging System
Product Type: Printer Ink/Paper

Contents & storage

Color ink and paper set. 18 prints per pack.

Store dry at room temperature.