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NUCLEIC-CARD™ COLOR matrix, 1 spot

Catalog number:  4473974

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DNA Extraction

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NUCLEIC-CARD COLOR is an easy-to-use system for collection, preservation, and long-term storage of nucleic acids at room temperature. The NUCLEIC-CARD COLOR matrix is chemically-treated to enable cell lysis and protein denaturation. Nucleic acids are immobilized and preserved for long-term storage at room temperature. NUCLEIC-CARD COLOR changes color upon sample application to facilitate processing of buccal samples. NUCLEIC-CARD collection devices are manufactured by Copan, a market leader in the area of sample collection tools, and distributed globally by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Key Features:

• Enables direct PCR amplification from a card punch, eliminating extraction steps
• Facilitates high quality STR profiles with Applied Biosystems direct PCR amplification kits
• Certified free of DNase, Rnase, and amplifiable human DNA
• Prevents growth of microorganisms to enable long-term room-temperature storage
• Easily automated with commercially-available punching systems to minimize manual handling and maximize sample integrity

For Forensic or Paternity Use Only.

NUCLEIC-CARD is a trademark of Copan Flock Technologies.
For Forensic or Paternity Use Only.


For Use With (Equipment): Harris Manual Punching System, BSD Robotics Punching System
Format: Card
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Product Line: NUCLEIC-CARD

Contents & storage


Store at room temperature