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Ion Torrent™

Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Hotspot Panel v2

Catalog number: 4475346
Ion Torrent™

Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Hotspot Panel v2

Catalog number: 4475346
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The Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 is a single pool of primers used to perform multiplex PCR for preparation of amplicon libraries from genomic 'hot spot' regions that are frequently mutated in human cancer genes (download the list of targeted genes and mutations for the Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2). Building on the mutations included in our original Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Panel, the latest Ion AmpliSeq™ready-to-use panel provides:
• Maintained compatibility with FFPE samples while expanding mutational content for broader coverage of additional genes and 'hot spot' mutations
• Extremely uniform coverage for more efficient sequencing and cost savings
• Enhanced primer design with optimization of new primer sets and even lower strand bias for added confidence in accurate variant calling
• Improved variant detection with Torrent Suite Software v3.0 and Variant Caller Plugin in low allele variant detection along with improved indel sensitivity

Additional Mutational Content for Advancing Cancer Research Studies
The Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 is designed to amplify 207 amplicons covering approximately 2,800 COSMIC mutations from 50 oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. This includes the 739 COSMIC mutations from 46 genes in the first Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Panel along with added hotspot mutations from significant cancer genes. While maintaining our compatibility with FFPE samples and covering the same targets as the first Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Panel, we have included additional mutations by adding several amplicons for hotspots in EZH2, GNA11, GNAQ, and IDH2, and by adding slightly longer amplicons for other genes to help advance your cancer research. The Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 should be used with the Ion AmpliSeq™Library Kit 2.0.

More Efficient and More Cost-effective Sequencing with Extremely Uniform Coverage
The improved primer design in the Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 improves upon the coverage uniformity of the Ion AmpliSeq™technology. With coverage that is more uniform, a minimum depth across all amplicons can be achieved using much less sequencing throughput. Consequently, additional samples can be multiplexed using any of the Ion chips. This results in cost savings with more efficient sequencing while maintaining high confidence in variant calling. Additionally, the low strand bias in the primer sets of the Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 provides further confidence in accurate variant calling.

Simplicity, Speed, and Scalability of Ion AmpliSeq™Technology
Sustaining the simplicity of the Ion AmpliSeq™technology, the Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 enables cancer genetic studies from FFPE tissues with as little as 10 ng of input DNA for targeted library construction. The Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 also maintains the revolutionary workflow using standard PCR equipment and a simple PCR reaction for ultra-high multiplex PCR-based target selection, with no need for extensive capital investment. Additionally, the Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 continues to enable you to achieve the fastest time to targeted libraries in approximately 3.5 hours. Scalability and flexibility is also preserved with the Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2, allowing the ability to sequence one sample or multiplex barcoded samples using any of the Ion chips.

Improved Variant Detection with Torrent Suite Software v3.0
The intuitive Torrent Suite Software and Variant Caller Plugin enable you to go from extracted DNA to variant calls in as little as 10 hours. With improvements to algorithms, you will see more sensitive indel detection along with more sensitive SNP detection with lower frequency alleles. Ion Reporter™Software can then be used for annotation of variants in routine DNA assays for the advancement of clinical research.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Sample Type
Blood, Blood, Cell Cultures, Clinical Samples, DNA (Genomic), DNA from FFPE, dsDNA, Fine Needle Aspirates (FNA), FFPE, Whole Blood
Sequencing Type
Genome and DNA Sequencing
For Use With (Equipment)
Ion PGM™ System
For Use With (Application)
Targeted Sequencing Library
Multiplex Capability
207 amplicons
No. of Reactions
Product Line
Ion AmpliSeq™
Product Type
Cancer Hotspot Panel
Amplicon Sequencing, Post-Light™ Ion Semiconductor Sequencing
Workflow Step
Target Selection
Starting Material Amount
10 ng DNA

Contents & Storage

1 tube. Store at -30 to -10 °C


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